Artists statement

My understated photographs of places tainted by violence avoid any obvious signs or motifs and instead offer subtle visual clues to the observant viewer. My work is critically placed within the genre of ‘late photography’, and effectively documents how places impacted by violence are remembered. Sometimes the places that I photograph are altered visibly by violent events but often there seems to be little or no change to the landscape. Maybe a psychological transformation has occurred? Before travelling to any location to make photographs I extensively research the history of the place I will be visiting.

The challenge for me artistically was to make meaningful photographs at each location I visited that could communicate in some way how the place has altered. My practice engages with and challenges traditional notions of landscape based art. Instead of seeking purely to illustrate the beauty or aesthetic perfection in a landscape, I aim to accurately represent a place and the changes that have occurred in the course of history. The accompanying titles are vital to the interpretation of my work. I hope that this body of work catalyses a debate within the viewer about the way that one’s perception of a place maybe altered by acts of violence.

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